Video: Nat Geo Wild feature on great white shark jaws

WARNING: Video features preparation of a dissection of a great white shark.

Nat Geo Wild recently posted the above video about the jaws of a great white shark to its YouTube channel. Despite the “Menacing Jaws” title, the video itself is fairly informative and manages to avoid sensationalism, for the most part.

A female white shark that had drowned in a fishing net is being prepared for dissection in the clip, and her jaws are used for illustrative purposes throughout the video. The clip discusses the anatomical features of the jaws of white sharks and briefly touches on the physiology associated with a great white shark bite.

Also of interest in this video is the mention of the market for great white shark jaws. Due to the white shark’s protection status in most of the waters where they are commonly found, great white shark jaws are considered highly valuable, which unfortunately can make the species a target for illegal fishing. White shark jaws also unfortunately carry a high “trophy” status, which also make them a desired item by some. A quick search online turned up one set of white shark jaws with an asking price of close to $10,000. (The jaws for sale were obtained legally prior to protection laws, according to the seller.)

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