Video: sharks go after spearfishermen’s catch

UPDATE:According to the austinborden2 (the owner of the video and one of the divers seen in the footage), this encounter took place off of Isla San Benedicto, Mexico, and the sharks seen in the video are Galapagos sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis). Thanks to Austin for the information!

YouTube user austinborden2 recently added the above video, which features a couple of free-diving spearfishermen encountering some seemingly hungry sharks. It’s not entirely clear what is going on in the video, but it looks like the divers are hunting wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri), when a small group of sharks come in and devours presumably one of their catch. The sharks then head toward the divers, one whom exclaims that they were “ramming” him after he gets out of the water.

The video information does provide much information about the encounter, such as where or when it took place. Fortunately, both divers appeared unscathed, albeit a little bit shaken.


  1. Austin Borden says:

    Hey this is user austinborden2 and i just wanted to tell you that those were galapagos sharks, were were spearfishing for wahoo, and throughout the swim we always had visual contact of the sharks. I poked 2 away just due to their curiosity toward me before we speared the wahoo. After they ate it they were in frenzy and came to us. The situation could have been avoided if we just stayed away from when they were eating the fish. The island isla Benidicto, 220 miles south west of cabo has a major shark overpopulation, to the point where you cant even hook a fish without a shark eating it, the sharks even hit trolling jigs at 10 knots. Glad to see someone is enjoying the video

  2. Hey George Nice find on this one. I have double checked with my sources down in Mexico and confirmed that it is illegal to fish within 12 miles of Isla San Benidicto. This is a protected area and these spearo’s are in direct violation of the law.
    Looks like the sharks are having to do the enforcement down there! LOL!! 🙂
    I wonder where the Navy is? Anyway I just thought that I would share that little tidbit with you.
    Yours in sharks,

    • BBorden says:

      It would be illegal if you did not go thru the pain staking process (2 years and mountains of paperwork) of getting permits. We were totally legal. We have been doing work for the Mexican Conservation Group for years and are very familiar with all of the islands and restrictions.

  3. Shark Conservation Society says:

    Watched your videos with interest and noted your list of shark conservation groups. If you like we would be happy for you to put the Shark Conservation Society on this list.

    With kind regards

    Richard Peirce

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