Video: The Shark Shocker – shark deterrent? Judge for yourself.

The video above is described by YouTube user TheSharkShocker as footage of a “shark deterrent band,” being tested with “large reef sharks” in The Bahamas. The sharks in the footage appear to be have been baited, as bait can be seen being tossed from the boat during the video. There are multiple annotations in the video noting how the sharks turn away from the snorkelers after approaching them, with the implication being that the Shark Shocker band is deterring the approach of the sharks.

According to the Shark Shocker website, the bands use “Neodymium rare earth magnets” to create a magnetic field that disorients sharks and makes them “uncomfortable” thus driving them away.

While the Shark Shocker probably wouldn’t be something that shark divers would be clamoring to put on, it’s understandable that some surfers, swimmers, or snorkelers would be in the market for an effective shark deterrent. If you were interested in such a product, would this video serve as convincing evidence to support the effectiveness of the Shark Shocker as a shark deterrent?


  1. Maya says:

    It loos like it worked really well, the sharks stayed close but not too close for comfort. So you can peacefully observe the sharks 🙂

  2. D. Singh says:

    Beware – This is a GROSS misrepresentation of an alleged “repellent”. The Caribbean reef sharks shown normally act like this. The magnets only have an effective range of less than 50cm, and since the water visibility is high, it is very unlikely they are using their electrical sense at all (this is proven). Word has it that these guys tested it in Bimini Bahamas and the sharks bite at their product. Clever editing makes it appear like it is doing something, but the sharks behave like this, magnet or not.

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