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Los Angeles children celebrate Kids Ocean Day

2013 Kids Ocean Day
2013 Kids Ocean Day – Artwork designed by Adam Mendoza – Photo by Lou Dematteis

Press Release – Kids Ocean Day

More than 3,500 Los Angeles kids, teachers and volunteers form a giant kid, designed by 8th grader Adam Mendoza, holding a seashell to its ear as the ocean says "Listen" as part of the 20th Annual Kids Ocean Day Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up organized by the Malibu Foundation, City of Los Angeles, Spectral Q, Keep LA Beautiful and the California Coastal Commission in Los Angeles on May 16, 2013. The kids are alerting the world about the need to listen to the ocean and protect it from the everyday trash and plastic litter that flow down the streets, killing marine life and polluting food resources.

Kudos to all those who participated in this year’s Kids Ocean Day at Dockweiler State Beach. Not only did the participants join together to make some very cool “aerial artwork,” they also contributed their time and hard work to help clean up the beach!

California children celebrate Kids Ocean Day with beach artwork

“Kids Ocean Day” saw multiple organized celebration events on the California coast, which were sponsored, in part, by the California Coastal Commission.

The event seen in the video above took place on the South Spit of Humboldt Bay at the Mike Thompson Wildlife Area and was filmed and shared on YouTube by Chad Johnson. The children at this event formed a giant eel along with the message of “Defend our Seas.” The event was organized by Friends of the Dunes.

At an event held at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, an estimated 5,000 children joined to form another “human mosiac,” according to a Contra Costa Times article. The mosaic took the form of shark holding a shield which read “Defend the Sea” and was based off artwork submitted by 6th grader, Breann Mancilla of Robert Frost Middle School. Artist John Quigley used Breann’s sketch to organize the human mosaic aerial artwork. The L.A. event was organized by the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education.

Another event at Huntington Beach involved 875 Orange County elementary school students joining together to form a smiling fish with the message “clean seas, please.” OrangeCounty.com has the full-story along with a photo of the children’s artwork.

Children involved in the events also helped to clean up the beaches by picking up litter. Congratulations to all the children involved for their great work!