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NatGeo Wild’s “Wild Lab: The Shark Test” – white shark Crittercam

NatGeo Wild has released a preview clip for tonight’s upcoming “Wild Lab: The Shark Test.” The show will feature researchers using National Geographic’s “Crittercam” technology on some of South Africa’s great white sharks with the hope of recording video footage from a shark’s perspective.

[The clip above features also includes an unfortunate incident that occurred on a previous Crittercam expedition at Isla de Guadalupe, in which one of the researchers fell overboard in close proximity to a white shark.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident, but it’s one of those clips that makes me cringe whenever I see it. It was undoubtedly a dangerous situation, and I suppose the motivation behind showing the footage yet again is to create a greater sense of drama for the viewers. Hopefully, everybody managed to stay safely in the boat this time around, and the Crittercam captured some great footage.]

“Wild Lab: The Shark Test” airs May 24 at 7:30 ET/PT on NatGeo Wild.

Watch NatGeo’s “Great White Shark: The Truth Behind the Legend”

Snagfilms.com in agreement with National Geographic has made the documentary “Great White Shark: The Truth Behind the Legend” available for free online viewing. The documentary, originally released in 2000, focuses on comparing myths about white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) to facts about the species. The documentary features late “Jaws” author Peter Benchley, National Geographic photographer David Doublet, and white shark attack survivor Rodney Fox. It also features the use of National Geographic’s “Crittercam” on a white shark.

While the film shows somewhat shows its age, it’s still stands on its own as a solid white shark documentary. To watch the film in its entirety, head on over to Snagfilms.com.

National Geographic plays up 1992 Crittercam bull shark attack

Kids, don’t try this at home (or while vacationing in Mexico)…

National Geographic recently posted the video above to their YouTube channel which features cameraman Nick Caloyianis being charged and bitten by a bull shark, after researchers attempted to attach one of National Geographic’s Crittercams to the animal. Upon being stuck with a barb, the bull shark escaped the Crittercam crew and began to swim away, when a fisherman attempted to hook it in the mouth. The shark appears to have previously sustained some serious injuries to the side of its jaw (there appear to be two hooks visible in the shark’s flesh in one of the close-up shots) that the fisherman was attempting to hook. Upon being hooked, the shark turned around and swam toward Caloyianis, biting his leg and eventually his hand. Fortunately, Caloyianis made a full-recovery from his injuries.
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