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NatGeo Wild to provide alternative to Shark Week with Sharkfest

For viewers looking for an alternative to Discovery’s Shark Week, NatGeo Wild will be airing its own week of shark programming. Sharkfest promises “no fuss, no muss, just killer episodes.” Critics of some the programming of Discovery’s Shark Week, which include a follow-up to the faux documentary exploring the theory that the extinct C. Megalodon might still roam today’s ocean, might find Sharkfest’s programming choices to be a refreshing change of pace.

Sharkfest starts August 10 at 8PM on NatGeo Wild.

Is there a shark in Lake Ontario? Umm, no.

A video purporting to showing some fishermen encountering a shark off Wolfe Island in Lake Ontario was recently posted to YouTube. The video has been making the social media rounds and drumming up all kinds of online arguing about the “shark” seen in the video. The video even drew concern from Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Bill Mauro. However, it would seem all the hype was for naught, unless you count the publicity it has generated for Shark Week 2014.

According to Canada’s Global News, it turns out that the video is actually part of the marketing campaign for Discovery’s upcoming week of shark programming and is nothing more than a PR stunt. According to a press release from Discovery, a ‘life-like’ prosthetic shark was used for the video.

Well played, Discovery. Well played, indeed.

Discovery’s “Snuffy the seal” Shark Week promo

DiscoveryNetworks YouTube channel recently added the first promo for its 2013 Shark Week. The over-the-top style ad features the fictitious “Snuffy the seal” as his return to the wild is being celebrated following his rescue and rehabilitation. Poor Snuffy doesn’t make it very far, though, as a breaching white shark snaps him out of the air before he ever makes it back to the sea.

It looks like Discovery is going with the tagline of “it’s a bad week to be a seal” for this year’s edition of the much celebrated week of shark-themed programming, but they go on to say that “it’s pretty awesome” for the rest of us. I guess the rest of us will just have to wait until August 4 to see for ourselves.

What do you think of Discovery’s latest promo for Shark Week 2013? Sound off in the comments below!

Live giant squid caught on film for first time in natural habitat

It’s not shark news, but…Discovery and NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting) have released the first video footage of the elusive live giant squid (Architeuthis species?) in its natural habitat. ABC News reports that the giant squid was first spotting using a submersible at a depth of 2,100′ (640m) in waters east of Chichi-jima. The submersible followed the squid to a depth of 2,953′ (900m). The specimen, which was missing its two longest tentacles, measured approximately 10′ (3m) in length, which is relatively small for species of the Architeuthis genus.

Footage of the encounter will air in as part of the documentary “Legends of the Deep: Giant Squid” on NHK this Sunday (January 13, 2012) and on “Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real” on the Discovery Channel on January 27.