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Video of North Atlantic great white shark SPOT tagging

Boston’s WDHD.com has posted a video of last week’s SPOT tagging of a female great white shark in Cape Cod waters. The white shark, nicknamed “Genie” after Dr. Eugenie Clark, was out of the water for 16 minutes during the tagging process. “Genie” was measured at 14′ 8′ in length and weighed in at 2,292 lbs, according to OCEARCH’s profile of the tagged shark.

The SPOT tag will report data each time the shark surfaces. You can follow “Genie” (along with other white sharks tagged in South African waters) online at OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker page.

First North Atlantic great white shark successfully SPOT tagged

SPOT tag on a great white shark
A SPOT tag attached to the dorsal fin of a great white shark.
(photo taken at Isla de Guadalupe)

According to a report from OCEARCH.org, a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) has been fitted with a SPOT tag for the first time in history in North Atlantic waters. The OCEARCH team, working with Dr. Greg Skomal (Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries) and Dr. Nick Whitney (Mote Marine Laboratory), successfully tagged a 15-foot (4.5m) female white shark in the waters of Cape Cod. The OCEARCH team is headed up by Chris Fischer who has been featured in the past on National Geographic’s “Shark Men” and “Expedition Great White.”
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