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“Swamp Shark” premieres tomorrow night on SyFy

Just a friendly reminder…If you have the hankering for a shark-themed B-movie, SyFy’s “Swamp Shark”, starring D.B. Sweeney and Kristy Swanson, premieres tomorrow night at 9pm ET/PT.

Director Griff Furst told Fangoria that “Swamp Shark” is more than just a shark movie, it’s a “PSA for irresponsible youths.” Furst say that the movie will teach viewers not to participate in activities such as underage drinking and premarital sex.

While I’m sure Furst’s intention to education today’s youth are sincere, I’m guessing you’ll probably want to put the kids to bed before “Shark Swamp.” If not, don’t come complaining when you’re kids are afraid to go swimming on your next family vacation to the swamp.