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Video: Guy Harvey promotes the Shark Free Marina Initiative

Renowned marine life artist Guy Harvey is encouraging fellow fishermen to join him in promoting shark conservation through the Shark Free Marina Initiative. The program designates members as either shark-free or shark-friendly (catch and release only). In addition to marinas, charters, bait and tackle shops, and restaurants are encouraged to join the initiative.

Members of the Shark Free Marinas Initiative receive free advertising, educational literature about sharks, and signs featuring the artwork of Guy Harvey.

Thanks to Shark Diver’s Underwater Thrills blog for the heads-up on this video.

Video: Shark Task Force – This Is Your Ocean

Producer George Schellenger of Shark Task Force recently posted the above preview video of the efforts of Guy Harvey, Wyland, and Jim Abernathy to promote shark conservation in the Bahamas. Wolfgang Leander wrote a great blog post over at Oceanic Dreams in regards to the efforts of Shark Task Force and how a unified effort is needed to help protect the sharks of the Bahamas. Head on over to Oceanic Dreams blog to give it a read.

Bahamas expedition hopes to raise shark awareness

WPTV 5 is reporting that Guy Harvey, marine artist and biologist, is heading up an expedition to the Bahamas with a mission of “recording the beauty of sharks.” In addition to Harvey, Jim Abernathy, and artist Wyland, will also be involved in the effort. The group hopes to use shark imagery to encourage people to promote shark conservation.

In other Guy Harvey related news, the University of Florida is reporting that the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation along with Hell’s Bay Boatworks Inc. are donating a research boat and trailer (valued at $50,000) to the university’s shark research program. The boat will be adorned with shark-themed artwork by Harvey.

Video: Guy Harvey featured on CNN

Artist, researcher, and conservationist Guy Harvey was recently featured on CNN. The video touches on the many aspects of Harvey’s work including his marine-life artwork and his conservation efforts. Harvey’s revolutionary no-kill Ultimate Shark Challenge tournament is also briefly discussed in the video feature.

Harvey has also recently launched the Save our Gulf campaign, in which proceeds from the sale of posters and t-shirts go directly to efforts to clean-up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Check out CNN.com to read the full-article about Guy Harvey.

Bull shark tagged at Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Tournament – Video

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Tournament has released a video of a bull shark being tagged during the competition. The catch-and-release tournament offers an alternative to the traditional shark harvest competitions. Competitors and researchers work hand-in-hand to promote responsible competitive fishing and shark conservation. Mote Marine Lab researchers tagged the 8’2″ female bull shark, which was caught by tournament competitor Clyde “Bucky” Dennis.

Dennis achieved a level of notoriety and infamy in 2006 when he caught and killed a pregnant great hammerhead shark that was carrying 55 pups, and then again in 2009 with the killing of another large female great hammerhead. The IUCN lists the great hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) as a globally endangered species.

It’s refreshing to see Dennis participating in a no-kill situation that might very well yield some valuable research toward protecting future shark populations.