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Bait 3D – great white sharks in a flooded supermarket movie

WARNING: Trailer features fictional scenes of dismemberment and whatnot.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the supermarket…no, really. “Bait 3D” is an upcoming film that centers around a group of people trapped in underground supermarket that has been flooded by a tsunami. Based on the trailer, it appears the film will feature a mix of practical and digital special effects to represent the villainous rogue great white shark (or sharks) that wreak havoc on the flooded market.

The movie industry seems to be no stranger to the “killer shark” formula for horror/suspense movies these days. The past year has seen movies such as Shark Night 3D and Dark Tide (which featured some footage of actual great white sharks shot on location at Isla de Guadalupe). And, while “Bait 3D” probably won’t win praise from any of the shark conservationist groups out there, it probably isn’t going to win any awards for Best Picture either. Keep in mind, it’s just a movie…a campy-looking horror movie, at that.

“Bait 3D” is scheduled for release in Australia, along with a few other international markets, in September.

Dark Tide trailer features Guadalupe great white sharks

The trailer for Halle Berry’s new shark horror flick, “Dark Tide,” showed up online today. The trailer features the typical shark attack movie fare, but it also features some of Guadalupe’s great white sharks, most notably Cal Ripfin (aka Shredder) who can be seen at 38 seconds in.

“Dark Tide” follows the story of a “shark expert” played by Berry who is involved in a shark attack but later returns to the water after a lucrative proposition from a wealthy thrill-seeker who wants to dive with white sharks outside of the cage. While some of the shark footage was shot at Guadalupe, it appears that the story mainly takes place in South Africa.

If you’re looking for a documentary about white sharks, this isn’t it. Rather it looks to be another horror/thriller with white sharks as the main antagonists (although the storm in the preview looked pretty threatening, too). So, don’t be surprised if your favorite Guadaupe white shark ends up being playing one of the villains in “Dark Tide.”

“Dark Tide” opens March 30, 2012, and is rated PG-13 for “bloody shark attacks and disturbing images” among other things.

Shark Night 3D contest offers white shark diving prize

Relativity Media has released a new teaser clip for the upcoming shark-themed horror movie “Shark Night 3D.” Along with the trailer comes a contest in which the winner and a guest will have the opportunity to travel to San Francisco to go diving with white sharks (presumably at the Farallones). For contest rules visit SharkNightBite.com.

The sharks in “Shark Night 3D” look to be portrayed about as far off from realistic as one could imagine (aside from having “freakin’ laser beams attached to their heads”). Bear in mind this is not supposed to an educational or conservation-minded piece about sharks, nor is the intention of the film to create a realistic portrayal of sharks. Rather, the movie looks to be more of a slasher-type film with sharks as the antagonists, instead of the typical unstoppable killer in a mask.

Shark Night 3D trailer hits online

It’s been a while since a horror movie based around killer sharks has seen a major theatrical release in the U.S. (some would argue that’s a good thing). All that will change on September 2 when Relativity Media releases “Shark Night 3D” directed by David R. Elllis.

“Shark Night 3D” is a movie about sharks that will be presented in 3D and will likely have some scenes at night, which is what one should come to expect from a David R. Ellis movie. After all, Ellis brought us that Samuel L. Jackson movie where there were a bunch of snake on a plane (unfortunately, the title of that movie escapes me at the moment).

“Shark Night 3D” looks to feature computer generated sharks much like the ones we saw in “Deep Blue Sea” (which is the last big killer shark horror movie that I can remember catching on the big screen). I noticed at least two species in the trailer, which included the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and the sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus). Based on the trailer, it seems that somebody is using the sharks as killing machines and has brought them to a salt-water lake for nefarious purposes (no word whether or not Dr. Evil is involved in this scheme).

While I’m sure that some conservationists will cringe at the idea of another horror movie portraying sharks as mindless killing machines, at the end of the day this flick doesn’t look much different to me than a “Friday the 13th” movie. Essentially, it follows the formula of a bunch of teens or 20-somethings heading to the lake for some mischief only to end up getting hacked up (or chewed up, in this case) by a mindless killer. The only difference is that instead of a deranged human in a hockey mask, “Shark Night 3D” is using deranged sharks.