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Massachusetts Great White Shark license plate pre-order

Massachusetts drivers may soon be able to show off a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) themed license plate, if a minimum of 1,500 of the plates can be pre-sold by June 20, 2013. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy recently unveiled the new license plates, featuring artwork by marine artist Paul McPhee.

Massachusetts waters around Cape Cod have become a renown aggregation point for white sharks during the summer months. Atlantic White Shark Conservancy have introduced the license plates with the goal of raising awareness, promoting education, and supporting research associated with Atlantic white sharks.

According to the AWSC website

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization committed to raising public awareness of white sharks.

The Conservancy supports scientific research, improves public safety, and educates the community, to inspire conservation of white sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are a Massachusetts resident, and you would like to pre-order the AWSC license plate, you can get all the information you need at the campaign website, which includes a link to the license plate order form.

333 Productions great white shark video “Legacy”

Joe Romeiro’s 333 Productions delivers yet another excellently produced shark video. “Legacy” features stock footage of the late “Jaws” author, Peter Benchley, describing the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). While Benchley is most well-known for penning the story that many believe has had a profound impact on how people view the great white shark, he later in life stated that with the knowledge he obtained about sharks he could never demonize an animal in the way that the shark from “Jaws” was portrayed.

“Legacy,” directed by Bill Fisher and narrated by Peter Stacker, features white shark footage shot at Isla de Guadalupe and showcases some of the more recognizable sharks that are return to the island year after year.

The short film was produced in cooperation with Wendy Benchley and Shark Savers.

Tonight on Shark Week: How Jaws Changed the World

Tonight on Discovery’s Shark Week, “How Jaws Changed the World” will take a look at the impact that the “world’s first summer blockbuster” has had since it’s release in 1975. The documentary will not only look at how the horror movie affected the general public’s fears about sharks but also at how it helped piqued interest in sharks and even shark conservation efforts.

“How Jaws Changed the World” premieres tonight on Discovery’s Shark Week at 9PM.

Just when you thought it was safe…”Jaws” arrives on Blu-ray

The world’s most well-known shark movie of all time hits the U.S. market on Blu-ray today. “Jaws” is the 1975 classic horror movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, centers around a giant great white shark as it terrorizes the island community of Amity. While the film is often a major target of finger-pointing when it comes to sharks getting such a bad rap from the general public, it’s also widely regarded as a classic piece of film.

The Blu-ray version features a digitally remastered and fully restored version of the film. Additionally, the documentaries, “The Shark is Still Working,” “The Making of Jaws,” and “Jaws: The Restoration” are included on the Blu-ray disc, along with outtakes and deleted scenes.

Fishermen tag and release porbeagle shark off Cornwall

UPDATED: The Telegraph has shared the video report (seen above) of this story on its YouTube channel.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail two fishermen hooked, tagged, and release a 10′ (3m) porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus) off Boscastle, North Cornwall, which might have been considered one of the largest sharks caught in British waters had it been weighed. Fortunately for the porbeagle, the fishermen unhooked the shark while it was still in the water.

The report is rife with comparisons to the movie “Jaws.” The porbeagle, which is not known to typically be a threat to humans, might pale in comparison, in terms of size and all-around dangerousness, to the fictional 25′ (7.5m) great white shark in “Jaws.” However, it did drag the fishermen’s boat out approximately a mile during the 90-minutes it was hooked, which is kind of like something that happened in the movie…sort of.

You can check out a video, along with plenty more “Jaws” comparisons, over at the Daily Mail.