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Researchers track a REALLY big bull shark in South Africa

A recent Independent Online article does a great job of objectively covering a research study on a 4m (13′) female bull (or Zambezi) shark, who was “caught, measured and then released and tracked,” in the estuary of the Breede River, which feeds into St Sebastian Bay at Witsand in South Africa.

Researchers believed the shark to be pregnant and concluded that the estuary could be a “nursery” for the species. The researchers also found that the bull shark “spent a considerable amount of its time investigating both shore and boat anglers up and down the river, as well as cast-netters at the mouth of the estuary, and that it frequently swam into water less than 1.5m deep.”

The article mentions the decline in numbers of the species, including it’s ‘near-threatened’ status on the IUCN Red List. Overall, the article does is quite informative without any sensationalism, and it does a good job of address conservations issues.