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NBC’s Today show interview with diver left by dive boat

NBC’s “Today” recently interview one of who two divers who was left behind by their dive boat in Florida waters. Divers Paul Kline and Fernando Garcia Puerta surfaced from their second dive of the day only to discover their dive boat, an RJ Diving Ventures charter, had left without the them. The divers clung to a buoy, initially believing that the boat had to leave for emergency reasons and would return to pick them up. However, the boat never returned. Fortunately, a passing yacht spotted the divers over two hours after they had surfaced and picked them up.

The story made headlines last week, and Kline recently spoke to the Today show, along with two of his rescuers. While many reports referred to the divers as being left in “shark-infested” waters, Kline said that they did not see any sharks, although he did tell “Today” that the thought of being attacked by a shark was an issue for both divers. From a psychological standpoint, the thought of shark attacks might seem to weigh the heaviest out of all the threats of being left at sea. However, the divers also faced potential life-threatening scenarios in the forms of possible dehydration, hypothermia, and other exposure-related risks. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending thanks to a chance encounter with a passing yacht and its crew.