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Prehistoric megalodon shark spotted traveling on Interstate 95

UPDATE: CBS Miami has posted a video of the C. Megalodon going for a ride.

According to Florida’s Local10.com, a “life-size” C. megalodon replica was seen traveling south on Interstate 95 in Florida this morning. The enormous replica was being transported on the back of flat-bed trailer on its way to the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery. The replica body was missing its fins and tail region (fear not, it was not the victim of finning) and created somewhat of a spectacle while traveling down the road.

The shark replica will be on display as part of the Prehistoric Florida exhibit in the museum’s EcoDiscovery Center. The exhibit is scheduled to open in mid-November.

You can check out a video of the C. Megalodon en route at Local10.com.

Prehistoric Megalodon versus modern great white shark

FischerProductions has recently posted the above video, in which Dr. Michael Domeier disputes the theory that great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) descended from the prehistoric C. megalodon. Domeier says that the latest theory is that white sharks likely descended from mako sharks (genus Isurus).

It is noted that mako sharks were originally ruled out as descendants of white sharks due to modern mako sharks having non-serrated, smooth teeth. The discovery of serrations on the teeth of prehistoric mako sharks brought them into consideration as descendants of white sharks, but it is not specifically explained how this ruled out the C. megalodon as a potential descendant of the white shark.

A more detailed comparison of the two schools of thought on C. megalodon can be found at ElsmoResearch’s Carcharodon versus Carcharocles:
What’s in a Name?

Prehistoric Megalodon shark jaws up for auction

The story of a set of Megalodon jaws being up for auction in Dallas hit the news a couple of weeks ago. Recently, the AP released a video about the sale of the jaws, which contain 182 fossilized Megalodon teeth, 4 of which measure over 7 inches in length. The jaws “bones” themselves are actually fiberglass replicas.

The replica jaw was designed by Vito Bertucci a professional jeweler. An ABC News report about the auction notes that some scientists have disputed the accuracy of the jaw size and tooth placement. The jaw size is over-exaggerated due to larger front teeth being overly-repeated coupled with an unnatural slow decline in the progression from large to small teeth, according to shark fossil expert Kenshu Shimada. Despite conflicting opinions about the jaw size, the collection of teeth were still regarded as “beautiful specimens” by one of the scientists interviewed.

The shark jaws are set to go up for auction in June and are currently on display at Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas until they are sold. They are expected to sell for $700,000.

Video: George Burgess discusses shark conservation

The Florida Museum of Natural History recently added the video above to its YouTube channel. The video, which features George Burgess discussing the importance of shark conservation, was filmed as part of the museum’s traveling exhibition “Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived”.

In the video, Burgess discusses threats to shark populations such as demand for shark fins and unintentional bycatch. Burgess discusses how slow maturation and low reproductive rates make shark species particularly vulnerable. Additionally, the important role of sharks as apex predators in the marine environment is also briefly touched upon.

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus – just what you’ve been waiting for

Well, alright, maybe you haven’t been waiting for it at all, but here it is anyway…the trailer for the most anticipated prehistoric shark versus ginormous crocodile movie of the year. (Yes, I know, it’s the ONLY prehistoric shark versus ginormous crocodile movie of the year.)

While the sequel to “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus” sadly does not feature a return of acting greats Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson…oops, I mean DEBORAH Gibson (it sounds so much more sophisticated that way), The Asylum has still managed to pull in at least one big time actor. Jaleel White of Family Matters fame (alright, “fame” might be a bit of stretch) leads the cast of “Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.”

Despite the lack of some key returning cast members from the original “Mega Shark” battle, it’s clear from the trailer that viewers can expect a return of mind-numbing special effects in this sequel.

“Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus” hits the home video market on December 21…just in time for Christmas!