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NatGeo Wild’s “Wild Lab: The Shark Test” – white shark Crittercam

NatGeo Wild has released a preview clip for tonight’s upcoming “Wild Lab: The Shark Test.” The show will feature researchers using National Geographic’s “Crittercam” technology on some of South Africa’s great white sharks with the hope of recording video footage from a shark’s perspective.

[The clip above features also includes an unfortunate incident that occurred on a previous Crittercam expedition at Isla de Guadalupe, in which one of the researchers fell overboard in close proximity to a white shark.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident, but it’s one of those clips that makes me cringe whenever I see it. It was undoubtedly a dangerous situation, and I suppose the motivation behind showing the footage yet again is to create a greater sense of drama for the viewers. Hopefully, everybody managed to stay safely in the boat this time around, and the Crittercam captured some great footage.]

“Wild Lab: The Shark Test” airs May 24 at 7:30 ET/PT on NatGeo Wild.

Permits cancelled for Shark Men after fatal attack in South Africa

South Africa’s News 24 is reporting that research permits issued to the crew of National Geographic’s Shark Men have been cancelled after a tragic fatal shark attack in Cape Town’s Kogel Bay today. A National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) represented said the victim was bodyboarding with his brother when the attack occurred.

Alan Boyd, the director of Biodiversity and Coastal Research who issued the research permits to Chris Fischer and his crew, told News 24 that he cancelled the permits for the Shark Men team when he learned of the attack. Concerns that the chumming practices used by the research team could potentially draw more sharks in to beach areas had been raised with some calling for high shark alert to be issued, according to the report.

For more information, check out the full story at News 24

James Cameron successfully travels to Mariana Trench and back

According to his Twitter feed, James Cameron has safely returned from his submersible trip to the Marian Trench’s Challenger Deep. Cameron tweeted from the “ocean’s deepest pt” at around 6PM (EST) yesterday.

A National Geographic story reported that Cameron’s sub returned to the surface around 10PM (EST) last night (local time of 12PM).

For more information about the dive check out the full story at National Geographic.

NatGeo Wild’s “Shark Attack Experiment: Live”

NatGeo Wild’s “Shark Attack Experiment: Live” premieres on Friday November 25 at 9pm EST, 6pm PST. The two-hour live event will reportedly investigate if “sharks are out to get you” and will feature divers and conservationists interacting with sharks in South Africa’s waters. According to the NatGeo site, the team of experts will attempt to “separate shark attack myths from realities.”

“Shark Attack Experiment: Live” will cap off NatGeo Wild’s “Sharkathon” which will feature 9 hours of shark programming shot at various locations around the globe.

Marshall Islands declares world’s largest shark sanctuary

National Geographic reports that the Marshall Islands is now home the world’s largest shark sanctuary. According to the report, the Parliament of the Marshalls unanimously passed legislation that bans commercial shark fishing in the country’s waters, which cover 768,547 square mi (1,990,530 square km).

The new legislation also bans the sale of any sharks and has a “zero retention” stipulation, which requires any sharks that are accidentally caught by commercial vessels to be set free. The legislation also has provisions for enforcement which include large fines for fishing for sharks and possessing sharks or shark products. The law also requires all fishing vessels to land their catch at local ports within the Marshall Islands and bans at-sea transfer.