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SyFy’s Sharktopus premieres tomorrow

SyFy’s “Sharktopus”
premieres tomorrow (September 25) at 9PM EDT. The plot is centered around a bio-engineered half-shark, half-octopus creature that wreaks havoc at a Mexico beach. I know that you’re probably thinking with a cheesy plot like that, why would anybody want to watch “Sharktopus?” Well, did I mention that Eric Roberts is in it?

Based on the trailer above, viewers can expect to be treated to amazing computer generated effects that rival the graphics of video games from the late 1990s. The only things that appear more fake than the actual creature effects are a vast majority of the boobs shown throughout the trailer.

In order to find more cheese than one should expect to find in “Sharktopus,” a trip to Wisconsin would likely be in order. With scenes including a battle between the sharktopus and a great white shark, I have little doubt that “Sharktopus” will go down in history as one of the best shark-octopus hybrid movies of all time…and one of the worst shark-octopus hybrid movies of all time.