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David Diley’s “Of Shark and Man” teaser trailer

A teaser trailer was recently published to Vimeo for David Diley’s upcoming documentary “Of Shark and Man.” Diley quit his office job to pursue a career in pro-shark media and film-making. “Of Shark and Man” will focus on the relationship between human and sharks among different cultures throughout the world.

You can learn more about Diley’s efforts at his From Office to Ocean website.

Shark Week 2012 lineup looks promising for 25th anniversary

Will the Shark Week 2012 programming will give sharks something to smile about?

Entertainment Weekly has published this year’s programming lineup for Discovery’s Shark Week. Shark Week 2012 will mark the 25th anniversary of the week-long shark-themed television event.

In recent years, the network has drawn some criticism for some of its sensationalistic programming, some of which played out more like horror movies than educational programming. However, based on EW‘s description of the new lineup, it looks promising that this year’s programming will focus less on blood and gore and more on educational shark documentaries.

  • “Air Jaws Apocalypse” looks to follow in the footsteps of previous “Air Jaws” shows featuring Chris Fallows at Seal Island as he documents white shark predation events.
  • “Shark Week’s 25 Best Bites” does not have a synopsis but presumably will be a “best of” type show counting down some of the top moments in Shark Week history over the past 25 years.
  • “MythBusters’ Jawsome Shark Special” will feature the hosts from Discovery’s Mythbusters analyzing the top-25 shark myths.
  • “Sharkzilla” will  the Mythbusters team attempting to recreate the prehistoric Megalodon.
  • “How Jaws Changed the World” will take a look at the impact of the 1975 blockbuster “Jaws”  on society.
  • “Shark Fight” will chronicle shark attack survivors who have gone out to fight for shark conservation awareness.
  • “Great White Highway” will focus on research and technology being used to track white sharks in real-time.
  • “Adrift: 47 Days with Sharks” rounds out the week of programming with a story of survival from two American pilots who spent 47 in the waters of the Pacific Ocean after their plane crashed into the water.

Nowhere to be seen in the 2012 progamming are titles like “Top 5 Eaten Alive,” “Killer Sharks,” “10 Deadliest Sharks,” or any other programming that hints at re-creations of “Rogue Sharks” wreaking havoc on unsuspecting coastal communities.

Perhaps, those who have become jaded with Discovery’s Shark Week programming choices over the past few years will be drawn back to the week-long shark celebration with this year’s lineup.

Video: Shark Hope teaser promoting Fiji shark conservation

Shark Defenders have posted the trailer above for a documentary titled “Shark Hope” to their YouTube channel. According to the video description the documentary is a collaboration between Walker Films, Ratu Manoa Rasagitale, the Coral Reef Alliance and Pew Environment Group. The documentary focuses on efforts to create Fiji National Shark Sanctuary.