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“The Story of Sharks” stop-motion animation short film

YouTube user CEI Bahamas recently posted “The Story of Sharks,” a stop-motion animation video that addresses the role that sharks play in the marine ecosystem. The educational short-film, written and directed by Brendan Talwar and Ian Rossiter, also touches on the economic value of live sharks to the eco-tourism industry versus sharks harvested for the shark fin market.

The film has been selected as a finalist in multiple film festivals and was awarded the “French Federation of Film and Video Special Jury Award” at the 2012 Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous Marine.

Images of shark fins on Hong Kong rooftop stir up controversy

The ReutersTV YouTube Channel recently posted a brief “Rough Cuts” feature on recent images of a shark fins being dried on a rooftop in Hong Kong that have caused anger among both local and international conservationists.

According to a Global Regina article, the photos were taken by Hong Kong based photographer Antony Dickson in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. Environmentalist Gary Stokes originally photographed the shark fin operation on January 1. Dickson said that the rooftop was covered with “tens of thousands” of shark fins that were in the process of being dried out. Dickson was prompted to take the photos after seeing images of the shark fin operation via social media, according to Global Regina report.

There are no laws prohibiting the harvest or sale of shark fins in Hong Kong.

Gameloft’s Shark Dash teams up with Shark Week and WildAid

Gameloft’s Shark Dash
has teamed up with Discovery and WildAid to offer “exclusive content” for the Shark Dash video game. The collaboration is taking on a shark conservation theme with an anti-finning campaign in celebration of Discovery’s upcoming Shark Week, which encourages viewers to “say no to shark fin soup.”

Shark Dash is available for free from Gameloft on iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices at the iTunes App Store and for Android devices at Google Play.

British Columbia’s Port Moody moves to ban shark fins

According to The Province the town council of Port Moody, B.C. has unanimously approved a ban on shark fins. The ban prohibits the possession, sale, and trade of shark fin products. The Province goes on to note that the ban is being viewed as symbolic, considering that the city, itself, does not have a large 0local demand for shark fins. However, Mike Clay, Port Moody’s mayor, hopes that the ban will set a precedent for other municipalities to follow.

In addition to Clay’s plan to bring up the issue at Union of British Columbia Municipalities, he will also push for a provincial and/or federal ban.

For more information, check out the full article at The Province.

Shark fin ban approved by Illinois Senate, headed to governor

BusinessWeek is reporting that the Illinois Senate approved the “shark fin ban” bill on Tuesday, by a vote of 41-13. The bill now goes before Governor Pat Quinn.

If signed into law, a ban on the possession, sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins in the state of Illinois would go into effect on January 1, 2013. A six-month grace period would allow fins acquired prior to 2013 to be exempt from the ban through July 1, 2013.

You can read Illinois HB4119, as proposed, at the Illinois General Assembly website.