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Texas House of Representatives pass shark fin ban

According to a CBS Dallas/Fort Worth report, the Texas “shark fin bill” (HB 852) was passed yesterday by the Texas House of Representatives with a 87-42 vote. The Texas Senate will vote on the bill (SB 572) next.

If signed into law the measure would prohibit the sale, purchase, trade, and transportation of shark fins within the state of Texas. While similar legislation has been signed into law in other U.S. states, Texas would be the first Gulf Coast state to pass legislation banning the sale and trade of shark fins.

Texas lawmakers introduce “shark fin ban” bill


The Humane Society of the United States is reporting that Texas lawmakers have introduced legislation that would make it illegal to sell, purchase or transport shark fins in the state. The bill (HB 852/SB 572) was introduced by Representative Eddie Lucio III, and Senator Larry Taylor. If passed, the law would take effect on July 1, 2014. Similar legislation has been passed in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington.

You can read the full text of the proposed House and Senate bills by following the links below.

83(R) House Bill 852
83(R) Senate Bill 572

Great white shark killed off Mozambique coast

Female white shark caught and killed in Mozambique. (photo used with permission from Adam Baugh)
Female white shark caught and killed in Mozambique. (photo used with permission from Adam Baugh)

Adam Baugh encountered group of local fishermen hauling in a catch from their fishing nets on Monday (12/28/2012) in Jangamo, Mozambique (35km south of Inhambane). When Baugh, a dive instructor at the Guinjata Resort Dive Centre, saw that the fishermen had caught a large shark, he headed down to the water with his camera. As he got closer to the shark he realized that the fishermen had netted a female great white (Carcharodon carcharias), which he estimated to be approximately 3m in length. According to Baugh’s account the shark was already dead when she was pulled into the beach.
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Images of shark fins on Hong Kong rooftop stir up controversy

The ReutersTV YouTube Channel recently posted a brief “Rough Cuts” feature on recent images of a shark fins being dried on a rooftop in Hong Kong that have caused anger among both local and international conservationists.

According to a Global Regina article, the photos were taken by Hong Kong based photographer Antony Dickson in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. Environmentalist Gary Stokes originally photographed the shark fin operation on January 1. Dickson said that the rooftop was covered with “tens of thousands” of shark fins that were in the process of being dried out. Dickson was prompted to take the photos after seeing images of the shark fin operation via social media, according to Global Regina report.

There are no laws prohibiting the harvest or sale of shark fins in Hong Kong.

“Shark Fight” – shark attack survivors fight to protect sharks

Tonight on Discovery’s Shark Week, “Shark Fight” will focus on a group of shark attack survivors who have taken up the cause of shark conservation. “Shark Fight” will focus on these survivors and their stories of recovery, as well as their current efforts to raise awareness about shark conservation issues, including long-line fishing, shark finning, and by-catch.

“Shark Fight” premieres tonight on Discovery’s Shark Week at 9PM.