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Great white shark caught from Florida beach

The catch and release of a young great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) off of a Florida beach near Panama City has been making headlines for the past few days. According to a photo on Dark Side Sharker’s Facebook page, fisherman Derrick Keeny landed the shark on March 1, 2015. The male white shark measured 9’8″ and is believed to be the first of its species to be landed from a beach in the Gulf of Mexico. The fisherman tagged the shark as part of the NOAA/NMFS Cooperative Tagging Plan and released it back into the ocean.

While the fishermen involved in the catch seemed to be well-intentioned with the tagging and release of the shark. Some shark researchers and conservationists called into question the legality of bringing the shark up onto the beach and posing for pictures, which is in violation of Florida’s protected species regulations, which specifically prohibit delaying the release of the shark for measurements and photos. It has yet to be reported whether the fishermen involved will be subjected to any legal repercussions.

More images of the event are available of the Dark Side Sharkers Facebook page.

Fishermen reel in sharks on crowded Florida beaches

WPTV.com reports that fishermen were taking advantage of the annual mass shark migrations off the Florida coast by catching sharks at Midtown Beach. While the beaches were closed to swimming, police and lifeguards said that legally there was nothing to prevent fishermen from reeling sharks into the shore.

According to the report, two blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) were caught on Friday (03/08/2013) at Midtown Beach. The fishermen swabbed the sharks mouths to provide samples for researchers, who are studying the bacteria present in the mouths of sharks in hopes of improving treatment of wounds resulting from shark bites. Based on the video footage, it appears the fishermen were releasing the sharks after taking the samples.

You can check out the full story at WPTV.com.

Fisherman hooks great white shark off California pier

Los Angeles’ KCAL9 reports that a fisherman reeled in what was described as a “younger” great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) at Manhattan Beach Pier in Los Angeles County, CA. The shark was hooked on Tuesday (September 4, 2012) at around 5PM.

The fisherman called Eric Martin, a local aquarium director, after he that he had hooked “something big.” Martin cut the line to release the shark, which passed a swimmer without incident as it swam off.

Video – “Mark the Shark – The Last Great Shark Hunter”

Warning: Video features sharks being caught and killed.

MrWeinerProductions has shared a mini-documentary on YouTube about shark fisherman Mark Quartiano, aka “Mark the Shark.” The segment is part of Cadillac’s Business Unusual series and follows Quartiano’s charter fishing business, which specializes in “monster” fish.

While Quartiano has achieved fame from killing sharks, the video does reveal that he also participates in catch-and-release tagging of some protected species in cooperation with marine researchers.

Blue Ventures Conservation investigates sharks off Madagascar

Blue Ventures Conservation posted the video above today which focuses on a “monitoring program” with the intent of investigating apparent low populations in sharks on what otherwise appear to be healthy reefs. The Blue Ventures representative attempts to investigate whether overfishing of the sharks could be the reason behind the low shark population numbers.