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Video: National Geographic’s “Shark Men – Whale of a Tiger”

National Geographic has uploaded a preview clip from the upcoming episode “Shark Men – Whale of a Tiger.” The video is shot off Mexico’s Isla Socorro where the “Shark Men” team appear to be attempting to hook a tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier).

“Shark Men – A Whale of a Tiger” airs on May 12 (Saturday) at 8pm ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel.

Permits cancelled for Shark Men after fatal attack in South Africa

South Africa’s News 24 is reporting that research permits issued to the crew of National Geographic’s Shark Men have been cancelled after a tragic fatal shark attack in Cape Town’s Kogel Bay today. A National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) represented said the victim was bodyboarding with his brother when the attack occurred.

Alan Boyd, the director of Biodiversity and Coastal Research who issued the research permits to Chris Fischer and his crew, told News 24 that he cancelled the permits for the Shark Men team when he learned of the attack. Concerns that the chumming practices used by the research team could potentially draw more sharks in to beach areas had been raised with some calling for high shark alert to be issued, according to the report.

For more information, check out the full story at News 24

KTVU feature on Domeier great white shark tagging permit request

KTVU.com is reporting that Dr. Michael Domeier is seeking a permit to tag 11 female great white sharks over a period of four years at the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. The report addresses the somewhat recent controversy regarding “Junior” and the SPOT tagging program, which KTVU reports was brought about by researchers who oppose the tagging techniques employed by Domeier.

An earlier report from MSNBC.com quoted Domeier as saying he had voluntarily stopped using the SPOT tags. The article went on to note that Domeier was working on a new tagging technique. There was no mention in the KTVU.com report of whether this no technique would be employed should the Farallones permit request be approved.

In addition to the KTVU article, there is also video report which includes interviews with Dr. Domeier and FNMS Superintendent Maria Brown. You can check out the article and video at KTVU.com.

“Daytime” feature on National Geographic’s “Shark Men”

DaytimeTVShow has recently uploaded a video feature on National Geographic’s “Shark Men.” The video includes an interview with Chris Fischer and covers shark finning, shark conservation efforts, and catching great white sharks.

On a side note, the feature makes the claim that 90 million sharks are killed for their fins each year. As has been noted in the past, research published in 2006 indicates that an estimated An estimated 26 million to 73 million sharks are killed annually for commercial markets.

National Geographic’s “Shark Men” season finale this weekend

From National Geographic:

The Shark Men are in the beautiful, plentiful Sea of Cortez continuing their search for Architeuthis – the giant squid. The crew is joined on this expedition with a world famous giant squid expert to hopefully be the first ones to capture footage of this elusive animal in its natural habitat.

“Shark Men – Giants of the Deep” airs Saturday (July 2) at 10pm ET/PM on the National Geographic Channel.