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SyFy delivers up another shark-themed horror movie – Sharknado

This Thursday, SyFy will be serving up yet another original shark-themed horror flick. Sharknado features…well, sharks and tornadoes along with the type of special effects that viewers of SyFy original movies have come to expect. The film’s cast includes Ian Ziering (90210 supporting cast member) and Tara Reid.

Sharknado premieres July 11 at 9/8c on SyFy.

“Swamp Shark” premieres tomorrow night on SyFy

Just a friendly reminder…If you have the hankering for a shark-themed B-movie, SyFy’s “Swamp Shark”, starring D.B. Sweeney and Kristy Swanson, premieres tomorrow night at 9pm ET/PT.

Director Griff Furst told Fangoria that “Swamp Shark” is more than just a shark movie, it’s a “PSA for irresponsible youths.” Furst say that the movie will teach viewers not to participate in activities such as underage drinking and premarital sex.

While I’m sure Furst’s intention to education today’s youth are sincere, I’m guessing you’ll probably want to put the kids to bed before “Shark Swamp.” If not, don’t come complaining when you’re kids are afraid to go swimming on your next family vacation to the swamp.

Promo trailer for Halle Berry’s shark themed movie “Dark Tide”

A promotional video for “Dark Tide,” a new horror/suspense movie starring Halle Berry, was recently posted by Vimeo user misterbay. The story is centered around a dive instructor (played by Berry) who has a near-fatal encounter with a great white shark, according to IMDB. The movie also stars Olivier Martinez. An official release date has not been announced for the film.

Based on the promotional video and the plot description, it looks like great white sharks will take on an antagonistic role in the film and will be at least partly responsible, along with the other perils of being “lost” at sea, for the “horror/suspense” element.

Video: Promotional clip for Shark School

Andreas Schumacher has posted what appears to be a promotional clip to his YouTube channel for a pro-shark film focusing on Erich Ritter’s Shark School.

The video features some great underwater footage shot off The Bahamas, and the theme of the clip clearly promotes a better understanding of sharks and their importance to the ecosystem. However, the video also makes some claims that may draw criticism.

The narrator plays with semantics a bit with the claim that “sharks are not dangerous” rather it is only “the situation” that can be dangerous. Some other claims made in the video that might raise eyebrows include the statement that “there are no shark attacks just shark accidents,” and that 200 million sharks are killed every year (a number that is more than double the range of 26 million – 73 million, supported by research).

Video: 333 Productions’ Shark Culture trailer

Joe Remeiro’s 333 Productions recently unveiled the trailer for their latest shark-themed production entitled “Shark Culture.” The production is listed as an educational, non-profit piece. The trailer features a very cool oceanic white tip “speed drawing” sequence that transitions into live-action footage. Also of note is the appearance of one of Guadalupe’s most recognized great white sharks, Cal Ripfin (aka Shredder).

“Shark Culture” is set to premiere on February 19, 2011, according to the trailer.