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Diver frees whale shark from rope off Roca Partida, Mexico

Kudos to Dani Zapata, the divemaster of the Solmar V, for cutting a rope free from a female whale shark (Rhincodon typus) near Roca Partida, Mexico. The video footage was shot by YouTube user Ed Gentry. The whale shark was 30′ (9m) pregnant female, according to the Solmar V’s video trip report. The rope was cutting into the whale shark’s flesh and creating a hindrance for the animal and could potentially have become life-threatening for the animal. Dani cut the rope free with a pocket knife.

Check out the Solmar V video trip report for more footage of the rescue effort and to hear Dani’s first-hand account of cutting the whale shark free of the rope.

Beachgoers rescue beached shark at Venice Beach

YouTube user ELVIAVANES uploaded the video above today, which is described as a great white shark being rescued at California’s Venice Beach. The video description says that the juvenile shark was hooked on a rod and reel by locals. The description goes on to say that the hook was removed. Four men, including two surfers, can be seen assisting the shark back into the water at the video’s end.

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is a protected species in California waters.

South African divers lend helping hand to injured sand tiger shark

Pro Dive South Africa recently added the above video to YouTube, which showcases a rescue effort to save a young sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus) or spotted ragged-tooth shark, as they’re known in South Africa. The shark had apparently become entangled in some fishing line after being hooked. The line had cut into the shark’s head, and the hook was still embedded in the shark’s mouth.

Thanks to the efforts of Pro Dive South Africa, the shark was freed from both the fishing line and the hook. The actions of these divers will hopefully increase the shark’s chances for survival. Kudos to all those involved in this rescue effort!

Video of Strappy, the great white shark, rescue by Andrew Fox

Last October, the story of the rescue of Strappy the great white shark was one of the more positive shark-related news stories I’d seen in a while. Strappy had become bound by a piece of packing tape that was cutting into his flesh in front of his pectoral fins and around his gill slits. Andrew Fox of the Fox Shark Research Foundation was able to cut and remove the tape in a risky rescue attempt outside of a submersible shark diving cage.

Yesterday, Australia’s 7 News released the above video feature on Strappy’s rescue, which also focuses on the impacts of trash in the oceans.

Kudos again to Andrew Fox for his efforts to save Strappy!

Surfers try to save beached great white shark

According to a Daily Telegraph article Andrew Eckersley and a “lone surfer” came to the aid of a beached 3m male great white shark on a Mid-North Coast beach in New South Wales last week. The pair used logs that they had found on the beach to help move the shark back into the water where it was able to swim away. However, the shark was found dead on the same beach the following day. The shark jaws had been illegally “hacked out by someone as a souvenir,” according to the Daily Telegraph.