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Video: Flying shark interrupts dolphin footage

Robs441 recently shared the video above on YouTube, which features surface footage of dolphins feeding in South Carolina waters. At around 2:40 a small breaching shark stirs up the action a bit with a “cartwheel” as its noted in the video description.

If any of you shark identification experts can i.d. the shark, feel free to share your expertise in the comments.

Video: All Blue and You – pro shark media

Shark Angels has posted a video featuring various species of sharks (as well as rays, whales, and dolphins) to its YouTube channel. The video offers some great imagery of underwater life with the intent of reminding viewers of some of the magnificent inhabitants of the ocean.

Footage used in the video was shot by Paul Wildman in South African waters.

Video: Guy gets tiny shark to bite his finger and ear

WARNING: Video contains offensive language.

YouTube user Steve02988 has uploaded the above video which features a fisherman trying to get a very small shark to bite him. He succeeds in getting the shark to bite his finger and ear before releasing the shark back to the water. It should go without saying, but…kids, don’t try this at home.

Shark Week 2011 – “Scary Cage Dive” or just bad editing?

This “Shark Week” promo from DiscoveryNetworks looks like it might have been better being left on the cutting room floor. It’s from the “Killer Sharks: The Attacks of Black December” and features some noticeably awkward editing that splices in out-of-place white shark footage clearly shot from a different cage. While people have come to expect high quality shark programming from “Shark Week,” this particular sequence looks somewhat disappointing.

“Shark Week” begins this Sunday at 9pm on the Discovery Channel.

Video: Dog attacks shark

YouTube user ruste13, recently posted the above video, which shows a pair of dogs “rounding up” several shark near the shore. At one point, one of the dogs decides to take a dive and, according to the narrator, bite one of the sharks. While the dogs seem to be having a pretty good time, it looks like the sharks dispersed after the dog went for a dive.