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Is great white shark diving at Guadalupe safe?

Come dive with me at Isla de Guadalupe. It's safe...assuming you keep your hands off my nose and out of my mouth.

While there is an inherent level of risk associated with being in the water with large predatory animals, I think white shark diving at Guadalupe is relatively safe, provided that sensible guidelines are followed. A recent Nautilus Explorer blog post doesn’t entirely reflect the same sentiment, which seems a bit odd, considering that the Nautilus Explorer charters white shark diving trips to Guadalupe.

The post begins with the question of whether diving with white sharks at Guadalupe is safe or not and is followed by the response, “HECK NO!!!” The author goes on to say that there is “NOTHING” safe about white sharks.

In all fairness to the Nautilus Explorer, the main focus of the blog post is the safety of their cages. So, while the author states that diving with white sharks at Guadalupe is not safe, their cages are built with the safety of both sharks and divers in mind. It might just be a matter of poor wording, for all I know.

Interestingly enough, the blog post includes a photo from the series of images that hit the media earlier this month, one of which features a “shark wrangler” pushing on the nose of a white shark in close proximity of a cage, while a diver takes advantage of the photo opportunity. In another photo from the series, the “shark wrangler’s” hand appears to actually be in the mouth of the shark.

So, I guess if you have divers in the cages reaching out and pushing on the noses of white sharks, it would be fair to label that type of activity as being unsafe, regardless of the safety of the cages the divers are in.