Bait 3D – great white sharks in a flooded supermarket movie

WARNING: Trailer features fictional scenes of dismemberment and whatnot.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the supermarket…no, really. “Bait 3D” is an upcoming film that centers around a group of people trapped in underground supermarket that has been flooded by a tsunami. Based on the trailer, it appears the film will feature a mix of practical and digital special effects to represent the villainous rogue great white shark (or sharks) that wreak havoc on the flooded market.

The movie industry seems to be no stranger to the “killer shark” formula for horror/suspense movies these days. The past year has seen movies such as Shark Night 3D and Dark Tide (which featured some footage of actual great white sharks shot on location at Isla de Guadalupe). And, while “Bait 3D” probably won’t win praise from any of the shark conservationist groups out there, it probably isn’t going to win any awards for Best Picture either. Keep in mind, it’s just a movie…a campy-looking horror movie, at that.

“Bait 3D” is scheduled for release in Australia, along with a few other international markets, in September.

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