Batman versus sharks – a history of abuse

DC Comics’ Batman has a long history of shark abuse. It was first chronicled in 1966 when Batman attacked a rubber shark with his trusty shark repellent causing the poor creature to explode. In 1973, Batman’s assault of a shark with a chain was documented in Batman Vol#1 251 “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge.”

The 1994 release of Detective Comics Annual #7 revealed that Batman’s violence toward sharks knows no boundaries, as it is revealed that an alternate-reality pirate version of Batman likes to kick sharks in the face.

As recently as last year, Batman was seen attacking a shark with a lightsaber.

Now, with the recent release of his latest videogame, Batman: Arkham City (seen in the video above), Batman has once again taken to abusing a shark. Aquaman must be so disappointed.

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