“CSI” episode featuring shark attack airs tomorrow on CBS

Tomorrow night, CBS will be airing an episode of “CSI” with a plot revolving around a “shark attack” in a pool at a Las Vegas casino. That’s right, a shark attack in a swimming pool. No, seriously. At least, the effects in the scene above are a little bit of a step up from some of the efforts that SyFy has been airing, as of late. However, the idea of a shark maneuvering through a shallow swimming pool filled to the brim with people partying and then attacking a bather isn’t much less ridiculous than dinosharks or sharktopuses.

While the depiction of the shark, seen in the clip above, certainly does nothing to dispel the misconception of sharks as “mindless killers,” it’s hard to judge how the episode, as a whole, will portray sharks. The information about the episode provided by CBS notes that the investigators must determine if the “killer is human or shark.” Maybe, the shark was framed.


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