Damien Hirst shark sketch fetches £4,664 at London auction

BBC News reports that an autograph book containing a shark sketch by Damien Hirst has sold for £4,664 (approximately $7,400 USD) at an autograph auction in London.

One of Hirst’s better-known works, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,” consists of the carcass of a tiger shark suspended in formaldehyde sealed in a display case. You can check out a photo of the sketch over at BBC News.

Childish White Shark Sketch image
This authentic white shark sketch (by me) could be yours! On sale, now!

In unrelated news, the sketch seen above, by yours truly, is available for sale. Let the bidding start at $3,000 or a nice underwater housing for my 5D Mark II. Note that this over a $4,000 discount when compared to Hirst’s sketch, since I’m neither famous nor an artist. My sketch also includes scribbled “sound effects” at no additional charge! Don’t let this bargain pass you by!

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