Did a shark decapitate a large crocodile in South Africa?

An article from the UK-based tabloid The Sun suggests that a shark might have been responsible for killing a crocodile whose severed head washed ashore on a beach in St. Lucia, South Africa. While The Sun reports that “local experts” believe a “massive shark” killed the crocodile, the report does not give any other details supporting the claim.

According to The Sun, Neale and Brigitte Cary-Smith discovered the head while walking their dogs on the beach and believe that a shark was responsible.

The article does go on to say that other locals believe the crocodile might have been killed by poachers.


  1. drudown says:

    That is highly unlikely for the risk-averse White shark to engage such a powerful creature, i.e., absent scavenging. Just doesn’t make sense. More likely human poachers.

  2. PF says:

    Pretty clean cut, wonder if the shark used a knife or a saw. Besides sharks don’t discriminate, they would have eaten the head.

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