Fishermen tag and release porbeagle shark off Cornwall

UPDATED: The Telegraph has shared the video report (seen above) of this story on its YouTube channel.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail two fishermen hooked, tagged, and release a 10′ (3m) porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus) off Boscastle, North Cornwall, which might have been considered one of the largest sharks caught in British waters had it been weighed. Fortunately for the porbeagle, the fishermen unhooked the shark while it was still in the water.

The report is rife with comparisons to the movie “Jaws.” The porbeagle, which is not known to typically be a threat to humans, might pale in comparison, in terms of size and all-around dangerousness, to the fictional 25′ (7.5m) great white shark in “Jaws.” However, it did drag the fishermen’s boat out approximately a mile during the 90-minutes it was hooked, which is kind of like something that happened in the movie…sort of.

You can check out a video, along with plenty more “Jaws” comparisons, over at the Daily Mail.

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