Just when you thought it was safe…”Jaws” arrives on Blu-ray

The world’s most well-known shark movie of all time hits the U.S. market on Blu-ray today. “Jaws” is the 1975 classic horror movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, centers around a giant great white shark as it terrorizes the island community of Amity. While the film is often a major target of finger-pointing when it comes to sharks getting such a bad rap from the general public, it’s also widely regarded as a classic piece of film.

The Blu-ray version features a digitally remastered and fully restored version of the film. Additionally, the documentaries, “The Shark is Still Working,” “The Making of Jaws,” and “Jaws: The Restoration” are included on the Blu-ray disc, along with outtakes and deleted scenes.

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