New “Jaws Revenge” videogame hits the iPad, iPhone, and iPod

A new game based on the “Jaws” franchise is now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. “Jaws Revenge” was released yesterday and features classic side-scrolling gameplay. Players will control a rampaging great white shark, and it looks like the theme of the game is to eat, crash into, and/or blow-up everything in sight. Players will also be able to “upgrade” their shark, but alas, it does not seem that you can “frickin laser beams” on the shark’s head as an upgrade.

It appears that nothing in the water or the air is safe in this game, including massive yachts and hang-gliding thrill seekers. Fear not, though, this is just a ridiculous videogame, and the behavior of the ginormous rampaging shark in the game is not representative of actual white shark behavior.

“Jaws Revenge” is on sale now at Apple’s iTunes app store for $0.99.


    • George says:

      Yep, it was equally ridiculous. You could blow boats up in that one with a corkscrew spinning attack. I think I had more fun just going around flying through the air and destroying stuff than actually doing any of the missions.

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