Shark hoax: fake dorsal fin draws attention in Massachusetts

In a case of fiction turns into reality, is reporting that the presence of a large “dorsal fin” drew crowds in Somerset, Massachusetts last week at Fox Hill Cove. However, all the attention turned out to be unwarranted when the fin was discovered to be nothing more than a weighted piece of Styrofoam painted to look like a shark’s fin. Onlookers became suspicious after the “fin” seemed to remain in the same spot for a long period of time.

Numerous shark sightings in Massachusetts waters have gained media attention over the past few months, for one reason or another. This seems to be the first case of a phony shark fin making the media rounds this year, though.

Somerset Police are looking for the person or persons behind the hoax. If the pranksters are identified, they may face disorderly conduct charges.

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