“Shark Wars” – new children’s book series

“Shark Wars” the first in a series of shark-themed children’s books by author Ernie Altbacker was released this week. According to the book’s description, the storyline involves prehistoric shark clans who have maintained balance in the ocean over the years. However, overfishing and rising sea temperatures have resulted in a shortage of food, which has led to battles and corruption among the shark clans over a shortage in food. The story centers around a reef shark named Gray, who leaves his home and ventures to “deep Open Water” to bring peace back to the oceans and discover his destiny.

The first book in the series was released June 14, with a second book slated for a December 2011 release. In addition to the books a free “Shark Wars” game for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch is available from iTunes. There is also a “Shark Wars” Facebook fan page.

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