Snickers great white shark commercial

A Snickers ad will probably rub some shark conservationists the wrong way, as it does little to dispel the myth that humans are preferred food source for sharks. also notes that the ad probably won’t sit well with shark attack victims, either (which is certainly an understandable point).

In the advertisement, a group of animated great white sharks are participating in a focus-group and being questioned about a “blind taste test” of people they have just eaten. The preferred victim is revealed to have eaten Snickers Peanut Butter Squared, while the less palatable victim had eaten peanut butter cups.

Of course, the commercial is meant to be harmless, comical, and light-hearted. Considering that it also implies that sharks prefer Snickers peanut butter square over regular peanut butter cups, the fact that it isn’t doing anything to educate the public about shark behavior and diet isn’t really anything worth conservationists getting their feathers ruffled over. The ad isn’t meant to be educational, nor is it meant to be hurtful or insensitive. It’s simply meant to entertain and sell more Snickers products.

As for how it will affect those who have had to deal with the real-life shark attacks, implies that since that particular demographic is so small, the advertisers likely ignored the adverse effects the ad might create.


  1. The response to the commercial on YouTube has been overwhelmingly positive, based on the ratings on there. It currently has 1,721 “likes” and only 57 “dislikes.”

    I think the commercial is pretty funny, but I do understand how victims of shark attacks and their family and friends might be put off by this kind of ad.

  2. Rosey from Boston says:

    I think the commercial is in very bad taste. It just perpetuates that sharks are bad creatures. Peter Benchley’s book did a number on the shark population but then tried very hard to turn the tides on it too. No one should be using sharks in this way if you ask me. Thank you for writing about it.

    • Rob says:

      It is satire used to sell a product. If people can not laugh about it all then television is not a medium they should be looking at; I recommend dvd’s.

      If we were all as politically correct as required by those who are offended by the slightest bit of satire, then we’d have a law forcing us to have our lips sewn shut and the first amendment would be stricken from the United States Constitution.

      Work on a real cause for a change; world hunger, peace, clear cutting, strip mining, blood diamonds, legalization, something meaningful. Getting all hot and bothered about a cartoon shark commercial with no basis in reality is absolutely asinine.

  3. Steve says:

    This commercial is very offensive for the families who lost loved ones to shark attacks. How sickening to imagine being eaten by one of these monsters and and your final resting place is at the bottom of the ocean floor manifested as a big pile of shark poo.

    How creepy it is to watch these sharks mock us as they eat delicious snickers, while the focus group coordinates and comments: “Steve just ate the snickers peanut butters squares” and the sharks chime in: “Steve was delicious”.. The whole premise is just bizarre and creepy– boo snickers..

    • PJ says:

      I totally agree, I was on the beach when Jamie Daigle was attacked, that shark went after her after she was pulled onto a guy’s surf board, most horrific sight I have ever seen. . . Commercial NOT funny. Her poor family let her go on vacation with a friend, and they never saw her again, the commercial almost made me cry.

    • dan says:

      Really, u are getting all huffy about a tv add. If people spend time worrying about this stupid crap, meant for people who enjoy a little comedy even at their own expense, you have too much time on your hands and need to find a job.

    • vita bradley says:

      i agree that this ad is very distasteful and downright disgusting.everytime it comes on i either mute it or turn to another channel. the company should not have even put that out there.

  4. DK says:

    I have never been a victim of shark attack, nor do I know any victims, but i still find the ad offensive. I think this is terrible for anyone who has had to face down these creatures.

  5. Diana says:

    I think your commercial is in very poor taste. Parents that have lost their children due to shark attacks, and people who have lost limbs due to shark attacks should be very offended. Again, commercial in very poor taste.

  6. John says:

    I find the commercial funny. Getting all bent out over it? PEOPLE are going out into the shark’s world, splashing around, using small boards and wearing black
    suits…about the size and shape of a big shark’s usual prey. PEOPLE are also going
    out in fishing trawlers, capturing sharks, cutting off the fins (for soup) then tossing
    the still-live but doomed creatures back into the ocean. Personally, have some
    snickers, and be aware. And lighten up.

  7. Patricia says:

    Snickers has been my favorite candy bar for 60+ years. If this commercial is not taken off the air, I will strongly consider never having another Snickers as long as I live. Sharks are viscious and so are you for doing this with no consideration of how people may view it. Shame on you.

  8. wayne says:

    The Shark commercial is about the most disrespectful one you folks could posssibly air on TV. Many people has had a friend or family member to be attacked or to have died from shark attacks. I do not and will not purchase any of your products until I see it removed from TV. I urge all my friends and family not to buy any Snickers or any candy that your company distibutes.

  9. YP says:

    I don’t understand. Why didn’t they just give the sharks the candy minus the human? What’s hard about that? I’m pretty sure it’s hard to taste a tiny bit of candy around a mouthful of meat, even for a shark. It’s counterproductive if you ask me.
    Oh well. Sharks are cute so it’s ok.

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