Video: I’m a Shark (children’s song)

YouTube user opimoby (videographer Ross Isaacs) posted the video above featuring a children’s song titled “I’m a Shark.” The video is an excerpt from “Bubbles – On the Reef,” an educational children’s video intended to introduce children to ocean life. The video, shot in high definition, follows Bubbles the shrimp on an adventure through Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The video information for “I’m a Shark” touches on issues such as shark finning and the theory that shark attacks on humans are the result of mistaken identity. All-in-all it seems that “Bubbles – On the Reef” sends a pro-ocean message to children, based on the excerpts and video information available. For more info about the video, visit Ocean Planet Images.

While the “I’m a Shark” tune isn’t quite as catchy to me as The Great White Shark Song, it seems like it’s sending a pro-shark educational message to a younger audience, which hopefully will counteract some of the more negative stereotypes associated with sharks in the media.


  1. Morag Seymour says:

    I have been looking for a catchy, teaching song about sharks to teach my little ones. We will by learning about sea animals next term. This video “I’m a shark” is just what I have been looking for but I am unable to find the lyrics – and am having trouble catching all the words correctly when I transcribe while listening. Can you help? I am a grade 1 teacher at an Aboriginal and Islander school in Brisbane and funds for resources are very limited.

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