What if humans were portrayed in the media the same way sharks often are?

I’m often left dumbfounded at the way some media outlets cover “news” stories whenever there is a shark involved in the story. Somehow, the movie, Jaws, seems to work its way into the news, often times simply because a shark is mentioned in a news story. News reporters and anchors often make remarks about their fears of sharks and further reinforce negative stereotypes about sharks with off-the-wall comments. So, what would “the news” be like if the tide was turned and humans were treated the way that sharks are often treated in the media? Let’s head to the coast of Britain for our story (the actual story can be found at Diver photographed in close encounter with shark)

Now entering the alternate media world…

Sharks escape close encounter with masked humans

On July 13th, two basking sharks survived a harrowing close-encounter with not one, but two humans! The sharks involved were simply out for a swim near their home off the coast of Cornwall, when they spotted the two humans lurking in the water. While humans are typically much smaller in size than basking sharks, they have become quite adept at killing sharks and other prey items much larger than their own size. When the sharks drew closer to the humans, the smaller beasts suddenly became motionless. Humans have been known to remain motionless when hunting, in order to ambush unsuspecting prey. The humans were also said to be wearing masks of some kind, not unlike the killer humans found in movies such as Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween.
Humans are the same species as the psychopathic killers found in popular horror movies.
Humans are the same species as the psychopathic killers found in popular horror movies.

While not all humans are considered dangerous toward sharks, humans were responsible for the deaths of an estimate of millions of sharks last year. Fortunately, for the two basking sharks, the humans that they encountered were not interested in cutting off their fins and leaving the sharks for dead. Instead, the humans merely took a photograph of one the sharks and allowed them to leave unharmed.

Back to reality…

It seems utterly ridiculous when you read it, doesn’t it?

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