60 Minutes great white shark segment, “The Sharkman” – follow-up

Back on March 27 (a day before the actual segment ran), I ran a post about CBS.com’s preview of the 60 Minutes segment, “The Sharkman,” which featured the well-known cageless diver, Mike Rutzen. The quick preview post (which was later replaced with a transcript of the actual segment at CBS.com but is still available in this repost of “On 60 Minutes Tonight”) referred to the sharks that Rutzen and Anderson Cooper were diving with as “the star of Jaws,” which I made a overtly sarcastic response to, questioning CBS’s journalistic integrity.

While I still stand by the remarks about the “Jaws” references, the actual 60 Minutes segment (seen in the video above) was a great example of how the news media can handle shark-related stories without focusing on baseless stereotypes of sharks (and white sharks, in particular) being mindless killing machines. Sure, Cooper makes a couple of quips in the segment, but the overwhelming theme of the segment focuses on dispelling myths about great white sharks. So, while the author of the quick preview post for this segment was off the mark, in my opinion, I give kudos to the actual Sharkman segment from CBS’s 60 Minutes.

And, yes, this one is “better late than never” at best. I should have followed up on the CBS segment soon after it originally aired, but it fell by the wayside.

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