60 Minutes to run great white shark feature tomorrow

UPDATE: The quick overview that I refer to below was replaced by a transcript of the actual 60 Minutes segment, which is a total about-face of the quick overview and is an excellent pro-media example of how news outlets can cover shark stories without fear-mongering. I have since posted a follow-up on “The Sharkman” segment from 60 Minutes.

According to CBSnews.com, Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes will include a feature on great white shark diving with Michael Rutzen, who is well-known for his cage-less interactions with white sharks in South Africa.

The quick overview at the CBS website can’t seem to distinguish reality from fiction as best detailed by the following excerpt…

How do you swim with the star of “Jaws?” With a paramedic on board and an ambulance on the shore…

Unless, the article is referring to swimming with Richard Dreyfuss, or the ghost of either Roy Scheider or Robert Shaw, one can only assume that the “star” they are referring to is the giant rubber-skinned mechanical shark prop that “starred” as the serial killer shark from the 1975 film. The video preview seems to indicate none of the above, rather Anderson Cooper and Mike Rutzen appear to be swimming with actual great white sharks, which, contrary to over-the-top sensational media outlets, are not the same as gigantic fictional sharks portrayed by a problematic movie prop.

Keep up that top-notch journalistic integrity CBS!


  1. yes says:

    Are you a complete idiot? Your comments make no sense at all. The “star” of Jaws is the mythical character of the great white. CBS does a show to dispel that myth and you’re ripping on them? You might try pointing the “sensational” finger at your own website. And regardless of an undeserved reputation or not, swimming with any sharks, much less a great white, is pretty sensational. (oh, and you might try actually watching the show before deciding what it is or isn’t). Keep up that top-notch blogging integrity!

    • TheDorsalFin says:

      To: “yes”

      You’re absolutely right that the actual 60 Minutes segment was aimed at dispelling myths about great white sharks. I think the segment itself and the follow-up that appeared on CBS.com were an about-face of some of the elements of the preview post on CBS.com. My remarks that you commented on in this post, however, were directed at the “preview” post which originally showed up at CBS.com on March 25.

      The teaser that I was commenting on is NOT the article that has since replaced the preview at the permalink which was originally posted on March 25 (you can go there and see that the article that replaced it was posted on March 28).

      As to my blogging-integrity, you’ve got a good point. I definitely should have done a follow-up on this post after the segment ran and CBS.com replaced the Jaws-referencing preview post.

      Thanks for the comment.

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