More conflicting reports on Red Sea shark attacks

The Red Sea shark attack story seems to be getting stranger as more conflicting reports surface. According to a BBC News report, the Egyptian environment ministry have claimed that the shark responsible for attacking four people on Wednesday has been captured and is being held at a local national marine park. The environment ministry released a photo of the captured shark suspected of the attacks. However, Egyptian dive industry officials are claiming that they have photos of the shark responsible for the attacks, and it is not the same shark as the one captured by the environment ministry.

To make matters more confusing, the shark involved in the attacks has been widely reported as being an oceanic whitetip shark, but the captured shark featured in the photo from the BBC News article appears to be a mako.

The BBC News report comes on the heels of reports that two sharks were captured and sent to be dissected to determine if either was responsible for the attacks.

Additionally, The Washington Post reported that one victim lost a hand and another lost a leg in the attacks, while BBC News reports that one victim lost an arm and another lost a hand.

Among all of the conflicting reports, one thing seems fairly consistent, and that is the report that one of the victims is in critical condition. If this information is true, let us all hope for a recovery for the critical patient, as well as the others injured in these attacks, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.

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