Official promotional video for Megalodon shark jaw auction

Heritage Auctions recently released a promotional video for the prehistoric Megalodon shark jaw that is now up for auction. The replica shark jaw contains 182 genuine fossilized C. megalodon shark teeth.

While the video makes the statement that the Megalodon species grew to 70′ (21m) in length, the actual length of now-extinct species is still a subject of debate. However, estimates of the length of the shark typically range from 40′-60′ (12m-18m).

Additionally, the genus of the species has also been called into question by some paleontologists. One school of thought includes the species in the Carcharodon genus (the same genus as the great white shark), while the other school of thought creates a unique genus, Carcharocles, for the species. The Carcharocles genus is also part of separate family, Otodontidae, according to an article.

Bids on the Megalodon shark jaw can be made online at the Heritage Auctions website.

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